The A Distant Soil library of books is nearing out of print on all volumes. Volume IV is sold out, except for a small number of library binding hardcovers. Volume I is down to 35 copies at the distributor. I have four copies left here. We still have a good quantity of Volume II, but Volume III is shrinking (in the hundreds). We sold through four printings and more on two editions for some of these GN’s, so not bad.

This is all happening at a time I’m working on building new inventory to bring the final story sequence out next year. Because of the tight schedule and financial commitment, we can’t get it going by December, which is sad. Moving it back and publishing regularly is better than pushing it and flubbing it later.

There is a lot of planning to do – financial planning as well as scheduling – and technical work that must be completed on the new editions of the graphic novels. Image expects me to make a schedule and stick to it. This is the end run of my epic series, and I’ve got to do it right. And, of course, there hasn’t been a new edition of my A Distant Soil Volume I Image GN since 1997. Time to update.

I’ll have a sale on the remaining inventory of A Distant Soil II and III here on this website in the coming months. HOWEVER, if you want the current editions of any of these graphic novels, ALL of them are going out of print for good. The new editions will be NEW editions. I can’t get into any details of what we are planning, but it will be a year before we can get some of these trades back into print.

I never thought I’d see the day when there would be a collector market for A Distant Soil graphic novels, but the prices Volume IV is starting to get are kind of ridiculous.

Please ask for them at your local retailer, or order them via these handy Amazon links. If you can wait about two months to order Volumes II and III, I’ll be able to give you a good deal if you order direct from me. If you can’t wait, well, here they are. Yes, you can also get some of them at super-cheap prices on Amazon, but beware: many are battered, used books. I know, I’ve tried to order my own books back. Not happy.

BTW: If you have A Distant Soil original art, we are trying to scan as much of it from originals as we possibly can (I still have most of the art, actually). We can no longer print from negatives, and we’re in the same position as Dave Sim and Cerebus, redoing ALL my work in new editions. Only he’s got 6000 pages, and I have 1000+ pages to deal with.

I have almost finished scanning everything I have here. It’s taken years and the acquisition of a $3000 scanning unit. Next comes lettering restoration and clean up.

If you have A Distant Soil original art, please use the contact button above to let me know. Much appreciated!

To order DIRECT FROM ME, go to the BOOK SHOP. PLEASE be patient. May take 30 days. I can sign and personalize any books you order from me. Please understand that my work schedule is tight right now and order fulfillment may take 30 days. Thank you. I appreciate all of you, and am truly grateful for your support and help bringing this series to its finale!