I’d given serious thought to creating a Kickstarter program to raise money for A Distant Soil‘s restoration, and have supported several Kickstarter projects in the past. People often ask me to endorse their projects.

Alas, I am on a satellite internet system, and I have the same IP as many other people using the satellite. Some of those people are not very nice. I am often banned from websites I’ve never been to before, and this past week, I found I was banned from Kickstarter.

Here’s what I see.

I can sometimes access these sites using other proxy IP’s, but I can’t sign in to my account.

It’s a pain to run around getting other IP’s to see the site, and I am often asked to endorse other people’s fundraising efforts. But since I can’t see your project now, I can’t endorse it.

Sorry, but until this matter is resolved, I won’t be using Kickstarter or endorsing anyone who does. It’s nothing personal. As I wrote, I have this problem on a number of other websites, and if nothing else, it cuts down on my websurfing, which is not all bad.

Now a bunch of people will tell me to write and complain and get a new IP and blah blah blah, all that means is I will get a new IP which will be banned in a few months anyway. This has happened repeatedly. Until we get alternative access to the internet out here, this is what I have to deal with.

This will also launch emails from well-meaning people who will try to find out where I live to tell me what other services I can use. Please don’t. It’s not very nice to use the internet to find out where people live. I know you don’t mean any harm, but that’s kind of icky.

I assure you, there is no other satellite alternative where I live, no really, and that other Colleen Doran some of you people keep bugging would really appreciate it if people would stop bothering her. I think she hates me a lot by now.