Unpublished landscape concept art for a film proposal for A Distant Soil. There’ve been several production deals for this comic, but like most movie offers, they never really go anywhere. I don’t get wrapped around the axle about them.

I was advised to sit down and do some concept art for the producers, and then advised by another prominent Hollywood producer not to do concept art for free, but to make the production company pay me for it. Oh, how it all makes my head spin.

Well, I did a few pieces anyway, because I needed to practice Photoshop. This is a speed painting, several years old, of an Ovanan landscape. I used a lot of brushes you can get legally licensed from places like Renderosity.

When I first created A Distant Soil, it’s New Age-ish themes and crystal technology were unique in comics. Now everyone is doing the crystal Sf/fantasy thingie.

I have several hilarious letters from an artist named Barry Blair (now deceased) who wrote to tell me one of his publishers used to have all my comics in the office, and would pop them open to point to stuff they wanted him to swipe. It was hysterical. To draw crystals, he was told “Just do it like Colleen does it!”

And, of course, in this piece, I just used someone else’s Photoshop brush!