A Distant Soil Volume IV is completely sold out everywhere, but Image found a small stash of the library binding hardcover in the Diamond warehouse. I have them at the super low price of only $24.95 US and $29.95 foreign.

A Distant Soil Volume IV is starting to get some scary crazy prices. This is what people are asking for the softcover.

Amazon still has them listed here, but I can assure you, it is sold out in the warehouse.

Some are listed at as low as $4 used, but good luck getting anything that isn’t a used library copy. I have not had good luck with getting quality copies from the Amazon Marketplace myself.

I have hardcover editions, intended for libraries, in mint condition. They are still in the original cartons from Diamond Distribution. They are not signed and numbered like the limited edition hardcover, but I can sign for you if you like.

The entire hardcover print run was originally 500 copies. Er, we don’t have that many anymore. First come, first served. Your copy will be shipped within one week of payment. Please specify if you want yours signed. Only $24.95 US, $29.95 Foreign!!! GUARANTEED NEW!

EVERY ORDER WILL ALSO COME With AN EXTRA FREE GOODIE! A print or a free, signed comic. Pot luck freebies direct from me and SIGNED!

Use the drop down menu for US or foreign shipping.

A Distant Soil Volume IV

This edition is completely sold out and will never be available again. Get ’em now.