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The Book of Lost Souls, written by J Michael Straczynski, and A Distant Soil volume IV. Both sold out everywhere. But here.

This piece is several years old, a combo of digital and hand painted art. It is available in my Cafe Press shop on a number of items. I closed down my shop awhile ago, but found Zazzle impossible to use! So, the shop is back up.

Zazzle presents the same challenge for me as many other websites: the latency problems due to my satellite service provider makes it almost useless.

BTW, I’ve hired a security specialist to handle my website problems. We’ve had recurring DDOS issues, and this explains why my IP address is banned in so many places: my IP and mail server was repeatedly hijacked. It was nothing personal: just a vulnerability on my programming that is common on many websites.

Anyway, this picture was one of my earliest attempts to paint something digitally. I laugh when I think of how difficult it was, because everything about it, including isolating the line art layer, seems so simple now. Only the background on this is digital, of course, The foreground is painted by hand.

I used this for a postcard back in 2008, and was surprised to find I’d never featured it on the website.