The last day of my graphic novel sale is Wednesday! Thanks!

Drawn while I was in school, this picture of the Knights of the Holy Grail is reproduced from a very poor quality, non-professional photo slide. Quite a bit of restoration needed.

The original art was sold at a convention many years ago, and recently came up at an estate auction. The buyer kindly allowed me to buy it back. Unfortunately, whoever owned it all those years ago did not archive it properly, and the original art is pretty much destroyed. It doesn’t help that a lot of my earlier drawings were done in cheap magic markers which fade badly if they are over-exposed to light. I may be able to do a better restoration from the tattered original art at a later time.

I think this is pretty good work for a high school kid, anyway. Obviously, Aubrey Beardsley was a big influence.

When I got into professional comics, everyone forbade me to draw with pens. The popular prejudice is for brush work. To this day, I loathe brushwork for almost everything, and use pens. Better quality pens and inks, now, of course.