This A Distant Soil cover has never been on the website before.

Long time readers know I have had nothing but problems with Hughesnet Satellite, until recently, the only option where I live for internet service.

For the last month, my internet has been almost useless for most of the day, and it has taken me almost five hours to load this page here. This is beyond ridiculous.

I’m having Hughesnet removed over the next couple of days, and am getting a new service this week. By all accounts, it is not only vastly superior to Hughesnet, it costs a hell of a lot less. Hughesnet cost nearly $800 to install. This new service will cost $50.

I may be unreachable for a day or two, but I expect I’ll be back, entering the 21st century, and even able to do live streaming and enjoy things like Netflix.

My editors are crying with relief at the prospect of my being able to upload art files whenever I need to.

In the over 6 years I’ve had Hughesnet, I have never been able to rely on it, and would easily go over a ridiculously low daily bandwidth limit that didn’t even allow me to watch a video when I wanted. A half hour into a movie, and I’d be over. A download of an audio book, I’d be over.

For the last THREE WEEKS, I have been unable to get a technician out here to attend to the RTT problems with my satellite dish.

Cannot wait to get rid of Hughesnet.