“…Grabs you from the first and keeps going…(Colleen Doran) does it with aplomb, with soul and with a sense of joy…”

Neil Gaiman
“The New York Times” best selling author of Sandman, Neverwhere, American Gods, MirrorMask

“An elegantly drawn, complex cast of characters crowd through her pages and fill her multidimensional story with a complex weave of emotion and wonder.”

Charles Vess
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Edition
St. Martin’s Press
World Fantasy award-winning author/artist of Sandman and Stardust

“Doran weaves plot within plot in a complex and compelling pattern that leaves the reader desperately seeking the next volume. Deep social and political stories combine with rip-roaring action, romance, betrayal, passion and hate peopled with fascinatingly complex characters in an epic fantasy adventure which older teens and adults will love.”

Kat Kan
Diamond Bookshelf
Chair of the Graphic Novel Task Force for Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association.

With the kind permission of my boss Jim Valentino of Shadowline, the fine Image Comics imprint that brings you many popular books like Morning Glories, behold the cover of the new edition of A Distant Soil Volume I. This will be released with new edits, new lettering, cleaned up and restored art, and, obviously, new covers and design. This will be the first new edition since 1997. Scheduled for June 2013. New comic book series in spring 2013. Run continues until end of story with issue 50. Information about our extensive digital restoration project is HERE.

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Jason and Liana are the children of Aeren, a fugitive from the planet Ovanan, a world of powerful, beautiful and ageless psionics. Both children possess extraordinary powers. Jason, only 17 years old, is a disruptor, capable of short circuiting the energy systems in machines as well as in living beings. Liana, 15 years old, is the most powerful form of psionic in the known universe: she is an Avatar, a being who can draw on the life force of all the Ovanan people and wield that force as a weapon. Avatars are the religious leaders and protectors of Ovanan, but only one Avatar can exist at a time, and as long as Liana lives, she is a threat to Ovanan which has sent its massive warship the Siovansin to assassinate her.

Rieken, the leader of the Ovanan Resistance movement, and his bodyguard D’mer have also come to Earth in human guise to save her. They gather a brave team of human men and women to travel to the Siovansin to destroy the Hierarchy, the center of Ovanan’s corrupt government. Antonio Minetti, a policeman; Brent Donewitz, a teen gang member; Serezha Kirov, a Russian dissident; Corrine Brenegar, a clothing designer; Dunstan Achenlock, a magician whose powers are real; Christopher D’Errico, a medical student; Reynaldo Cabrera, a homeless boy; Bast, an Ovanan living in exile on Earth; and the legendary Sir Galahad from the other-dimensional world of Avalon, all join forces to protect Liana and Earth. Reserved Rieken, however, has a terrible secret he is hiding from his champions, a secret that will test the loyalties of his followers, and challenge everything they believe and, ultimately, the fate of the world will rest on the slender shoulders of the fledgling Avatar Liana. Warring factions within the Resistance threaten everything Rieken fights for and threaten the future of Earth and Ovanan alike.

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