Got back from New York Comic Con with con crud and will be spending the next day or so in bed. But I love you all, so here’s one of my commissions. I haven’t done commissions at a convention in years, and I really enjoyed these. This pencil drawing of Element Lad from “The Legion of Superheroes” was for author Barry Lyga.

I had a couple of people arrange for me to complete sketches after the show, and a couple of people who never showed up to pick up their commissions.

If I haven’t heard from you in a week, they go on the market, dudes.

I did a goodly number of sketches at this show, and will post them all. Also, A Distant Soil online publication resumes on Monday.

I’ll be having another sale in about two weeks to help finance A Distant Soil digital restoration. I found someone who can do some tone restoration at a price I can afford. So, I’m going to need another few thousand dollars in the kitty.

I did really well at New York Comic Con, and am very thankful to everyone who came by the booth to say hi!