Some photos from my garden.

I’ve always had bad luck with late season veggies; all the gardening tables tell us to plant in August. That’s just way too late for around here.

I’m so happy with my late season sunflowers, which were planted in July, and look wonderful in all the autumn colors. However, they are irresistible treats for deer, and most of my sunflowers were gobbled up! At the base of these beauties, turnips, broccoli, and cabbages. All doing very well, but I confess I do not enjoy hand picking worms off these things.

In this box, gourmet lettuces, turnips, and leeks. We’ve had fantastic results from our greens this year. If you’ve never tried to grow your own lettuces, you don’t know what you are missing. They are easy to grow, and come in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from peppery to spicy. They would make handsome edging plants in an urban garden, and no one would know you’re growing lettuce! These plants are so close there isn’t a single weed in this box. They also thrive in cool weather, and if you cover them will survive for a good long while before succumbing to frostbite. We often enjoy fresh greens from the outdoor garden right to Christmas.

More gourmet lettuces growing in a wine barrel. We live among many vineyards, and these barrels, which go for ridiculous prices in the city, can be had cheaply here.

Broccoli, starting to head up.

Kale, savoy cabbages, onions, shallots, lettuces. These boxes come with a pop-up plastic greenhouse cover which will allow me to extend the growing season.

One of my sunflowers gets a visit from the bees.

Bewitching witch hazel.

Cabbages, leeks, garlic. They got really chewed up while I was sick and out of town. I spent a gross afternoon picking worms off the other day. Blech.

Moss pathway.

Late season roses. My roses have never performed well planted in our lousy soil, and last year I moved almost all of them all to pots, where they are very happy.

Corn stalks from the garden came in handy around the dinner bell.

These pumpkins come from another local farm

In town, I love the way the golden leaves look against grey stone walls.