A problematic image from issue #9 of A Distant Soil, now being restored for a new graphic novel edition. Shot as high res BW tiff files made the tight tone sheets turn to mud, and large areas of the art went completely black. The person I originally brought in to archive my work did it this way, obviously a big mistake.

Scanning the art again, directly from the original, instead as a high res greyscale. Some Photoshop tweaking restored the tones just fine.

Since this web page shows the art smaller then print size, the art will be even cleaner in the final volume.

I stopped selling original art when I realized the scans were a problem, but once assured we had negatives, I put them back on the market. Then we found out the printer lost the negatives. Yikes.

I can’t tell you how hard it is to find reliable scanning services for original art. It’s ridiculous. I invested in a $3000 Epson scanner and now do all my own scanning, thank goodness. Every single time I hired someone to do it, especially on work done prior to 2006, the scans were seriously flawed, a total loss. Scans often at low res, such as 72 or 150 dpi, far too low for quality printing, or saved as the wrong file type. Even today it’s hard to hire out for good quality scans. I had a fit getting scans last time I was in New York City. You’d think it would be easy to find quality archiving there. Nope.

We’re still in the process of restoring the book both from original art, and, with the incredible skills of Allan Harvey, from the printed book. His restoration is amazing.

We still need original art, but if we don’t get the art in the next few weeks for volume I, we will have moved on. If you have original art you can loan us, all your expenses will be reimbursed AND you will get a page of original art besides. If you can scan the art for us, go HERE for further instructions.