Haven’t seen anyone talking about this anywhere, but I stumbled on it in the store and snatched it right up!

Normal Rockwell nothing! Those pics are common as crabgrass. The illustrator fans out there will go gaga for Leyendecker, Neysa McMein, Harrison Fisher, Stevan Dohanos, and more from 100 years of Post cover art history!

I can’t say much for the reproduction quality, but I can say that I have never seen some of these illos, and the mag is more than worth the $9.95 cover price. This would make a great gift for folks who still appreciate quality picture making! Classic!

No ads, 128 pages, and a small print of a Rockwell piece is bound in. I’d have thrown that piece under a bus for a Leyendecker print. Just sayin’.

Go here to order direct from The Saturday Evening Post.