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Let’s start with our best holiday deal: Volumes II and III at a super low price! Get both GN’s for only $19.95! Signed and personalized at your request! That’s basically buy one get one free, well over 400 pages of story and art for less than $20 shipping included! Get ’em signed and personalized and guaranteed shipping anywhere in the USA in time for the holiday! (Use drop down menu for foreign shipping, please.)

A Distant Soil 2 GN Set

I’ve searched high, and I’ve searched low, and I managed to scare up a small quantity of A Distant Soil Volume I graphic novels. Diamond scraped the walls of the warehouse to find the only remaining copies of these books, which are still showing up on the Amazon website for sale. But haha they don’t have them! I’ve had them shipped to us, just in time for Christmas.

NONE of these original editions of the A Distant Soil graphic novel collections will ever be reprinted. We’re redoing the whole shebang at Image Comics, digitally remastering every one of all our 1000 pages. And we’re offering the last of the remaining copies of the first edition graphic novels, as well as original art, for sale here on the website in a blowout Christmas special to help finance this extensive restoration!

You get ALL FOUR A Distant Soil original editions from Image Comics, including the completely out of print Volume I and Volume IV (and Volume IV comes in the hardcover library edition!) There are no more softcovers or limited edition hardcovers of Volume IV to be had anywhere at a decent price, except from us. A great deal!

The complete set, which originally retailed for over $85 is on sale here for only $69.95! That’s like getting one book FREE. And you not only get ALL FOUR BOOKS, but you get this handsome A Distant Soil poster as well! The cover of the new edition, in a bright and gorgeous full color 11″x17″ poster, signed and personalized at your request!

Very limited quantities on this package!


Want to go deluxe? Make a real statement this holiday, and get ALL FOUR GN’s, with the signed poster AND a page of original art from A Distant Soil! A beautiful, hand drawn original! Lots of artists working on a computer these days, but there isn’t a square inch of A Distant Soil that wasn’t hand made. Every single page is a personal creation, and can be signed for you! Only $169.95! (Please don’t forget to use your drop down menus for foreign shipping cost. Yes, we know it is more expensive, but please be advised that shipping only four graphics novels costs well over $40 overseas.)


Got all the books already? Get an individual page of A Distant Soil for only $100. You can even request a favorite character appear on your page! All pages sold go to restoration of all missing pages from the book for the new digital/print editions of the series. And each person who makes a purchase from this website will be permanently listed as a supporter/contributor right here! Thank you so much!

ADS art US/Foreign prices

Also, don’t forget to check out our all-Ireland Christmas sale of Irish themed comics and graphic novels! Great bargains!

FOR SANDMAN FANS a really cool offering of Sandman comics, a copy of J Michael Straczynski’s graphic novel The Book of Lost Souls AND a hand made, original art Sandman bookmark. Pretty sweet!