SORRY but the Sandman Christmas bookmark sale is over. We are sold out. I will let you know when more bookmarks are available.

My holiday sales continue, raising money for the extensive A Distant Soil restoration, which you can read about HERE. PLEASE GET YOUR ORDER IN NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 8 FOR HOLIDAY DELIVERY IN THE USA.

I have a very limited number of these hand drawn Sandman bookmarks, each one drawn and colored by me on acid free stock, and slipped into a protective plastic sleeve with a satin tassel. Each one completely unique, 2″x6″, and, in my humble opinion, way cooler than trading card!

My original commissions are expensive, and I am way overbooked right now. So, this is a cool way to get an original Sandman portrait by me, either for yourself, or as a Christmas gift.

The bookmark comes with two Sandman comics, signed and personalized by me to you at your request.

Sandman #34, and The Death Gallery! Both in good condition to go along with your very fine hand drawn Sandman bookmark.

But wait! There’s more!

The set comes with a graphic novel that I think Sandman fans will love. The Book of Lost Souls, by J Michael Straczynski. This full color 120 page GN is a series I drew for J Michael Straczynski at Marvel Comics’ Icon Line. I have rarely enjoyed any assignment so much, and count it among my best work. JMS recently announced on his FB fan page that he MAY be bringing this series back at his new imprint Joe’s Comics. OH MY!

Jonathan, in despair over lost love and thwarted ambitions, commits suicide. He awakens in the 21st century, where he is transformed into a psychopomp, a spirit who escorts lost souls. Does he save them or send them to their doom?

He acts on the orders of the Dark Man, and his guide is a talking cat named Mystery.

This is an uncirculated, mint condition graphic novel retailing for $17 alone. But this entire set, including the original art bookmark, is only $39.95. A deal-and-a-half, folks. My trading cards alone routinely sell for way more than this. Supplies are very limited. Delivery is guaranteed anywhere in the USA by Christmas. Please use drop down menu for foreign shipping.


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