A very interesting hour-long lecture on stage fright. I think this affects many people in the creative profession, including people who never leave their studio.

Worth a watch. Anxiety can be crippling for many creators. I know I spend way too much time over-planning every job, certain I will make some terrible, unforgivable error. If I just sat down and did the thing, there’d be a lot less pressure, and I’d enjoy my work more. And I’d do more. And I’d make more money. And rainbows would fly off my drawing board.

Also, sincere apologies for the light blogging. We had some website update issues which took a few days. Also, I put everything on the website on the back burner while I get my print work done. I’ve put my wall planners up for next year, and they are already full. So, there’s not time for performance anxiety.

I hope you’ll check out my bookstore sale in the meantime. The sales end on December 8.