I’ve done only one oil painting in the last two years, but I’ve done dozens of digital paintings, and the painting area in my studio was starting to look both lonely and useless. The easel just sat there gathering dust. Not only do most of my publishing clients not want analog art, I just don’t have as much time for it anymore.

But I hate the feel of working on the Cintiq: the mounts you can buy don’t satisfy, I hate leaning over my table. I dreaded every time I had to fire the thing up and work on it.

Then I got a visit from Captain Obvious!

Mount the Cintiq on the easel.


The Cintiq weighs no more than a large painting, so it clamps right on there, and seems as sturdy as it does sitting on a desk on one of those mount things they sell you. But my easel feels more normal and natural as a work space to me, and I can raise or lower it more easily, which is important for someone who is as short as I am.

Here is what my digital office area looks like now.


My large screen Apple monitor is on the now-cleared desk, which feels a lot more comfortable since it no longer competes for space with the Cintiq. The Cintiq is right there on the easel next to my computer tower. Behind it, my home made treadmill desk, now moved next to the window, where I write posts like this one on my laptop. This new arrangement also keeps all the cords out of traffic areas, so people who visit don’t trip and kill themselves.

I like being next to the window watching the birds, and getting some fresh air while I am on the treadmill. So does the resident fox, Mycroft Peverall Cumberbatch III.


Hey, some dudes have toy Wolverines in their offices, I have a fox. The real ones make a mess. So, whatever.

I hope this easy and quick Cintiq solution is of interest to my peeps. I’m loving it, and it integrates with the look I also prefer in my work area. Give it a try.