This blog is thrown under the bus while I concentrate on work, and since A Distant Soil is back on the menu at Image Comics, that means not a lot going on here.

A major story on A Distant Soil is now up at Comic Book Resources. It goes into great detail about the digital restoration of the series.

Here’s a commission I finally finished for one of my most devoted collectors, featuring Supergirl and Brainiac 5 from The Legion of Superheroes. I am going to touch this up a bit more. Brainy also needs a flight ring! CLICK ON IMAGES FOR LARGER VIEW.


Also, I have a number of sketches and unpublished works on ebay, including this drawing of D’mer from A Distant Soil that has never been seen outside of my sketchbooks.


Here is a page of costume design ideas I did for Storm of the X-Men, for the Mutant X Annual.


A page of sketches from back when I was trying to scare up more New Teen Titans work. I did several fill-ins for various Titans jobs. My samples did not get me further work, alas.


Prelim drawing for the Dart miniseries for Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon.


My ebay auction page is HERE.
I’m not sure how long I will be running sales. I am posting a few items every week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Financing more A Distant Soil! Thanks for your support. Please share the info with your fellow collectors.