The Legion of Super-Heroes was one of my favorite comics growing up, so when Keith Giffen saw my fan art in the Legion Apa Interlac, I was thrilled when he called and asked if I’d like to work on the series. That didn’t work out right away, but one of my very first real pro gigs was doing a pinup of my favorite character Element Lad for a DC Comic Who’s Who. I’ve always been grateful to Keith as the first real, big-time pro to take an interest in my work.

I did a number of installments in various Legion gigs over the years, including a very controversial issue in which Element Lad is revealed to have had a romance with transsexual supporting character Shvaughn (Sean) Erin. This was back in 1992 and probably gave some DC editors a cardiac. The hate mail was awesome, and the whole thing was later retconned out of history.

You can get now get the book via Comixology at any time, delivered right to your computer!

One of my latest commissions was to draw Element Lad and Sean having a moment some time after this issue ended. This was a lot of fun.

Even though I haven’t worked on any Legion projects in years, I am truly grateful to be so kindly remembered by Legion fans. It is a great compliment, and I hope I deserve it!