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Boston Comic Con had to be canceled due to the very sad events at the Boston Marathon. We just got out inventory back safe and sound, after having it detained in a security sweep. Whew. Thank you so much to everyone at Boston Comic Con for their kind consideration. We will definitely be back!

We’re making some of our books available to you online at a substantial discount.

One of my very favorite projects EVER was The Book of Lost Souls, a series I drew for J Michael Straczynski at Marvel Comics’ Icon Line. I have rarely enjoyed any assignment so much, and count it among my best work. JMS recently announced on his FB fan page that he MAY be bringing this series back at his new imprint Joe’s Comics. OH MY!

Jonathan, in despair over lost love and thwarted ambitions, commits suicide. He awakens in the 21st century, where he is transformed into a psychopomp, a spirit who escorts lost souls. Does he save them or send them to their doom?

He acts on the orders of the Dark Man, and his guide is a talking cat named Mystery.

Unfortunately, The Book of Lost Souls just did not get the circulation it really deserved. It would make an outstanding TV series, IMHO.

Marvel collected the entire run in a handsome, full color trade paperback. Issue 3 is a heartbreaking story that will get right into the soul of any artist. It’s worth it on its own.

Nice Mr. Straczynski found and obtained the ENTIRE remaining stock of this trade paperback collection, and it is available here, minty fresh, uncirculated, for a super low price!

And while we’re at it, take a look at these lovely A Distant Soil hardcovers, sold out everywhere EXCEPT here! Mint condition. They are still in the original cartons from Diamond Distribution. They are not signed and numbered like the limited edition hardcover, but I can sign for you if you like.

The entire hardcover print run was originally 500 copies. First come, first served. Your copy will be shipped within one week of payment. Please specify if you want yours signed. Only $24.95 US, $29.95 Foreign (w/$5 shipping)!!! GUARANTEED NEW!

THIS IS FROM THE PREVIOUS EDITION OF A DISTANT SOIL, before restoration. It will never again be seen in this format.

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All books being sold to finance the restoration of A DISTANT SOIL. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

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