I was there, and didn’t get to see a single event. I was on panels and at my booth and at meetings, so having this online is a treat. I assume(?) this recording is legal, because it is all over Youtube, but if I am wrong, I will take it down immediately.

Don’t feel too sorry for me: I got to have lunch sitting at the same table as John Barrowman and Dean Cain. Didn’t say a word to either one of them, but dang. I sure liked talking with Peter Jurasik. Delightful fellow. My friend Val Trullinger and I got some quality time.

Two big videos with all the good stuff from the Babylon 5 reunion! This is a tear jerker, folks.

Don’t forget: ending soon the BOOK OF LOST SOULS sale, graphic novel by J Michael Straczynski and me. Go get ’em! You will be very sorry indeed if you don’t.

UPDATE: word is this is A-OK to post. Enjoy!