The newly restored A Distant Soil GN is heading off to the printer this week. And it will be a few weeks late. It cost double the original budget, and took over 500 man hours of work between four people to restore. I will have to extend all my book and art sales to help pay for this, especially since I’ve missed out on two conventions that were supposed to finance it. I hope you buy lots of stuff. We’re also going to have to skip soliciting ADS for a month, because the new art just got eaten by the backlist. Now I need to go somewhere and collapse.

Issue 40 will be in stores WEDNESDAY! Please be sure to go to your comic shop and ask them to order issue 41 of A Distant Soil AND the new GN NOW! It comes out in July!

Final run of ebay auctions posting now!

I strongly suggest you go get THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS now. Because it’s not only a freaking awesome graphic novel written by the marvelous J Michael Straczynski and drawn by me, but it comes direct from me in this incredible discount package for only $13.95, full color, free shipping AND with $10 of freebies to boot! TWO mystery signed comics, a print, and a postcard FREE.ADS_TPB_VolOnead copy It’s a deal! and you really REALLY want to get it now, because I am shutting this sale down soon, and all my art and books will go back off the website in June. My work commitments are awesome and stupendous, with announcements coming soon, so I won’t have time for mail order. If you want info about commissions, my stop date for reservations is June 15 for ANY commission you may want to reserve for the next two years. Yeah. Two years. After June 15, I don’t know when I will be able to accept commissions again, so if you’re going to NYCC or some other show, please reserve your commissions now. Yes, my schedule is that full. As of yesterday. So, go get BOOK OF LOST SOULS while you can. This is a great deal for a book you will absolutely love!