Rocking the analogue vibe.


The small wooden box at the top is a a fifty-year-old x-acto knife kit. It used to belong to Marie Severin. I treasure it.

I have many antique drawing tools given to me by various artists, including Frank Kelly Freas. Jugs of Dr Martin’s dyes, which no one uses anymore, rubylith, you name it. I had to get rid of some of the stuff at one point because I simply could not store it all, but a lot of it went to schools and churches.

One of the most important things that families often throw out when an artist becomes infirm, is their reference files. I had a meltdown when I found out what got thrown away in the collection of one artist. The family saved multiple jars of glitter to give to me, but threw out the reference files. It’s enough to make a poor illustrator faint dead away.

I’ll continue to hold on to most of the personal drawing items of these artists in hopes they will someday be welcome in a museum.