We’re working hard on Volume II of the digital restoration of the A DISTANT SOIL series. Since we have almost all of the original art for Volumes III and IV, this is the last heavy round of restoration.

I mentioned before we’ve added some new material to the books. Volume I has several new pages and illustrations, including the double page spread you see here. I’d planned to add a double page spread when I originally drew the scene, but back when I was self publishing, I couldn’t suss the technical issues of sizing and presenting that to a printer. I did a sketch and never finished it. Allan Harvey, my restoration specialist, is getting some giggles and headaches dealing with my aspect ratio problems and other anomalies from my self publishing days.

Here is the new double page spread. I am really happy with how it turned out. If the Prince Valiant owners ever go looking for a new artist, PICK ME! PICK ME! Anyway, this is easily one of my favorite pages in the series, now.


Since my internet habits have been appalling lately, I am going back to internet restriction with the Self Control app, and will be offline except for an hour or so each day. I will get more work done, no doubt.

Anyway, I have several important announcements coming up in September, including some new work I’ve had to keep quiet about. And, of course, a new issue of A DISTANT SOIL in stores next week! Please check out my ebay auctions, I have a really beautiful A DISTANT SOIL splash up right now, and more work from other projects going up, soon.

Also, YES, I will be at New York Comic Con!

I love it when you order books! from your comic shop. But you can also get signed copies from me! I have copies of A DISTANT SOIL 41 in the house now. Check out my bookstore for a look at more items.


A Distant Soil Volume I, 240 pages
Can be signed and personalized on request.

A Distant Soil Volume I