The Best American Comics 2013, edited by Jeff Smith and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, makes The New York Times Bestseller list for November 3.

Both Derek McCulloch and I are very happy to be a part of this compilation which includes an excerpt from our graphic novel Gone To Amerikay. It would make a great gift for Christmas.

THAMES AND HUDSON will publish Comics: The Modern History of A Global Art Form in 2014. This 304 page overview will include work from A DISTANT SOIL.

The first issue of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES digital comic is out now, and you can get it on Comixology! Catch issue two next week! Just saw the art for Part II, looks SO GOOD! Art by Tony Shasteen!

TV Guide profiled the new series with interviews featuring me and writer B Clay Moore, who is doing a terrific new tale about Alaric! Can’t wait to read it, Alaric is my favorite! The print version of the comic premieres in January! Be sure to contact your comic retailer and make sure he orders it!

A DISTANT SOIL Volume II heads to the printer very soon. Have you preordered? It will be in comic shops late December/early January. Also, check out my bookstore for deals on comics, graphic novels, and a nice FREE SHIPPING deal on issues 40-42 of A DISTANT SOIL!

Allan Harvey is doing an unmatched job on our restoration. AMAZING work. I have not seen any black and white tone work getting the kind of care and attention we are getting on these volumes! Check out this quality!

On the right, the source material. On the left, the restoration.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30

There are other restorations and reprints of black and white comics which use tones, but we have either acquired every single page of original art OR gone into the art, removed the toned areas with very careful digital selections, and then replaced them to match the original tones and tone quality perfectly. No effort has been spared. I have not seen black and white restoration this good anywhere else. All praise to Allan!

Another example: Allan goes in between every single one of these speed lines and carefully removes the tone. This is meticulous work!


The original scan is on the left, and the clean scan is on the right. After cleaning out all the flawed tone, Allan replaces it with a clean digital tone, which you can see in the final, published work.

The tone may not look flawed to the naked eye in this shot, but when reduced for print, without this restoration it would create a moire pattern.


Price: $16.99

Diamond ID: OCT130486