Another look at the extraordinary restoration work Allan Harvey is doing on A DISTANT SOIL.
Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 15.19.02

On the right of this image, the original scanned art. On the left, the restoration.

I’m afraid Volume II of A DISTANT SOIL is running late due to the unexpected difficulty in clean up on original art from the later pages in the book. While having the original art is a lot easier than having to restore art we do not have, clean up can run to as much as 5 hours for a single page. Ow.

This does not mean the pages are dirty: it simply means that adhesive darkens with age, and even the swipes made with the burnisher which we used to affix the tone sheets to the original art can leave marks which do not show up in older printing methods, but do show up when art is scanned on computer. The only way to fix the problem is to remove each flaw by hand.

Thank you so very, very much to our restoration guru Allan Harvey, whose tireless efforts going on well over a year now have brought us past the halfway point. There is absolutely no way I could have accomplished this task myself, and your kind donations, as well as your purchases, have made all the difference. This has not been easy to afford, but it would have been impossible without the right person for the job. There is no one in the industry who is as meticulous as Allan Harvey.

Allan’s excellent work on A DISTANT SOIL has caught the eye of other publishers looking for the same quality work. As we slowly march to the finish, know that Allan will be working on other classic comics and bringing to them the same eye for detail and pride of craftsmanship he has brought to A DISTANT SOIL.

This Christmas, I am extremely grateful that one of my long-time fans, as well as one of my oldest friends in the industry publisher Jim Valentino, are two people who saved my work from the dust heap. If you have a moment, I hope you will give them your good wishes.

I was really happy to find out Barnes and Noble was carrying the new restored A DISTANT SOIL Volume I trade paperback in their stores. Check at your comic shop or local bookstore to get it in time for Christmas!

Thank you all.

Here have a happy picture of my kitchen.