An extensive interview, going into detail about the restoration of A DISTANT SOIL, including some technical stuff I don’t think I’ve discussed before. Financing a comics career, scheduling, all those goodies. I highly recommend you give this a few minutes of your time. An excerpt:

When you start out in this business, they pretty much decided whether you’re going to be a star or a journeyman. And if you get put on the journeyman track, ow. You’re going to be the poor son of a bitch who gets a two-week deadline for the full issue. The fill-in artist. You’re going to be one of those… you’re going to spend a lot of your time getting the jobs that need to be done in a short period of time, and you get the crap anchor. You can either decide to suck it up and take those jobs in the hopes that something better will come along and realize that’s how people are going to see you: you’re the crap artist that got the job while they were waiting for the good person.

Also, just finished another issue of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES script. I don’t know if it is announced yet, but I have something else nice coming up, so I’ll just keep it under my hat until the editor says OK.

Back to working on the Neil Gaiman graphic novel I keep going on about!

Today I am drawing…fields of grass.