What an exciting treat to get this art back on loan from devoted fan Miki Anamanthadoo! This was painted for a run of A DISTANT SOIL trading cards, and I have no had a chance to get a scan of the art until 20 years later! Thank you so much to Miki! Now we will be able to add this art to our digital editions.

And it is very gratifying to get a review for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES #1 from UPROXX, a very popular pop culture website!

“…the book itself is a funny, nasty little piece of supernatural business reminiscent of EC Comics…”

Reading with a Flight Ring says:

Iā€™m really impressed as far as first issues go that a comic based on the television series seems interesting to a basic non viewer and should titillate regular viewers. Plus the interior artwork is pretty kick ass itself with incredibly good likenesses and expressions not to mention mood and feeling that are conveyed as well. Surprisingly enough I give this a hearty thumbs up!