OK, if you’ve been looking at the left sidebar, you’ve seen that fundraiser bar sitting there for months and months. A $25 minimum donation reserves a copy of a romantic print of Seren and D’mer which I am painting specifically for this website fundraiser. I’ve been putting this back to fit into my schedule, and now have the time to finish the painting.

But I’m going to give you, my faithful readers, a choice of which sketch becomes the final painting for the print. I’ve posted three sketches… now you vote on the winning sketch!







Naturally, I will make some changes in the final drawings, fixing anatomy and such, but these designs are close to the mark of what you will get in the final work. I’m leaning toward digital for the final piece, but will probably also do a watercolor version.


THE WINNAH! You may still donate to get a print and I look forward to showing you the work in progress. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 9.29.13 AM