Today I saw this interesting twist on the phenom of the dude who fakes credits. Both Cully Hamner and I are name checked on this post as two creators who’ve had to deal with non-creative assistants trying to pass themselves off as primary artists.

Whew, OK so almost 20 years ago, I hired some guy to be a gofer, and on a few occasions had him spot some blacks and do some cut and paste. Later I found out he was lying through his teeth about SEKRITLY writing and drawing my work for me. Oh, and being my boyfriend and business partner, and God knows what else. He (or one of his cronies) even set out to vandalize my Wikipedia page and spent years trashing me to anyone who would listen. I was pretty clueless about most of it until recently. Anyway, I found out what was up, read him the riot act on my blog, and haven’t heard a word from him since.

But THIS guy actually ran into a dude who not only faked credits, but tried to get money by claiming he’s got a gig at IMAGE and they just need to go out of pocket a bit on paying up front for help. That’s a new one.

… I get an email from a guy who says he works as a freelance inker for many books at IDW, Dark Horse and the like. We get talking on MSN and he links me to his Wikipedia article to show off all the books he’s done, as well as some of his uncoloured pages. And some of them are pretty good titles, with really good line work…So he tells me that Image wants a book from him, but he’s too busy so he’s going to hire an artist. Also, he needs my help paying for the artist.

He needs you to pay for his artist. Oh, boy.

I suppose it is spoilerish to let you know this guy is not what he claims he is.

Read and heed.

Also, I can’t get over how many people like this there are out there. Just wacky. This is such a small business where the financial rewards are often quite modest. And the fighting and lying and cheating that goes on is just completely out of proportion with any potential. It’s completely nuts.

Jeez people, if you want to rip off the clueless and get big returns on your creep investment, go work at a bank!

(Title of post courtesy Joel Bryan)