Well, thought I’d be finishing off a big assignment days ago, but I was set back by a week of four migraines and other personal drama. While the medication kept me working, it kept me working at half speed. I think my next blog post will be an in depth look at the domino effect of Real Life intrusions into Work Space.

As soon as I wrap up this job, it’s back to the art on the Neil Gaiman book.

Also, my first order of business where ADS is concerned is to finish off the limited edition print which you guys so kindly paid for in advance. If you are still interested in one, the donation button is on the side. I am able to afford to up the print run, so yes, some copies will be available for after-sale.

While the expense of restoring ADS and getting it back into print looked like it was just going to be too much at one point, we’ve rounded the corner. Volume III is the last with missing pages, and I think it’s only missing a couple dozen. We have all pages for Volume IV. Even so, Allan Harvey is doing most of the clean up, and doing a fantastic job. While that increases expenses somewhat, overall expenses turned out to be less than I feared by a wide margin. We will definitely be in the black sooner rather than later. Also, not having to clean up the art myself frees me to do other work. It takes weeks of full time work to do the clean up on the originals. Working part time can take Allan months.

Please forgive some late shipments. I appreciate every order, but I have been unable to get out to ship for the last couple of weeks. As soon as this job is in the can, I will ship everything that is on hold. And I will send everyone who placed an order some nice extras. Many apologies.

We do need to get orders up on the GN’s by just a few hundred copies per volume, so if you would kindly share your interest in A DISTANT SOIL with your friends and fellow fans, that would be a great help.

I’m really happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

Thanks so very, very much for all your support.