Look at what I have in my HOT LITTLE HANDS! The new, digitally restored A DISTANT SOIL VOLUME II, looking just as perfect as Volume I! The printer came through with another outstanding job and the care and attention Jim Valentino and Laura Tavishati gave us on design and edits is exceeded only by the outstanding restoration job by Allan Harvey!


Once again, the pages are so perfectly restored it is impossible to tell which pages were shot from originals and which were restored. I sat down with the previous edition of this book, printed back in 1998, and the difference is amazing. WOW! So happy! I will be shipping ALL preorders on MONDAY or you can get it from your local comic book shop! Thank you and very sorry for the wait. I assure you it’s been worth it!

Order direct from me and get it signed with a signed mini-print and FREE US SHIPPING!

A Distant Soil Volume iI

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A Distant Soil Volume I

Here is one of the many reasons the new, digitally restored edition of A DISTANT SOIL is better than the old one. Take a close look at this comparison.


In the first image, the book is laid flat on the scanner. Note how you can see all of the image area of the art. This is the new edition.

In the second image, I have had to crush the book to get it to lie flat, and you can barely see the art in the gutter. The whole book is like this. The art is crammed into the gutter, and unless you break the spine, you cannot see the entire image area of every page.

So, yes, we do have some copies of the first edition of A DISTANT SOIL VOLUME II available. You can even get them cheaply from secondary sellers on Amazon. If you are a collector, you may want to grab one.

But in every way, and in every detail, our new, digitally restored editions are an improvement, from paper quality, to design, to little things, like, you know, being able to see all of the art.

Also, please be aware that there are people selling old editions via the secondary seller program, but listing them as new editions. It’s a dead giveaway when people sell the new editions as “library book”. The new edition of Volume I has only been out a few months and there is no way it has been through the library system process in that time. So, beware of Amazon secondary seller bargains.

(Also, a quick note to thank Val Trullinger for creating our digital templates for us. They really helped!)