Hi, Ms.Doran!

I literally JUST read MangaMan and I must tell you, I love the artwork. Not so many people can actually blend the artwork from the east with the west well, but you nailed it. I at first was hesitant, thinking, “Maybe she hardly knows about manga” but doing research about your work, I figured out that you are indeed an artist that knows her stuff. I love your artwork, it is amazing, both manga and comic style. Stay awesome, Ma’am!

I got it from the Campbell Branch Library in Detroit, Michigan, and by all means, post it! 🙂

-Robert Paulus


Thanks so much!

Barry Lyga, the author, is absolutely terrific, and I love his other books, especially The Adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl.

Barry and I were in the same Teen Titans fanzines when we were young and it was amazing to get a chance to work together all these years later.

I’m a fan of classic shojo manga, and it was really fun to get to incorporate some of the shojo manga tropes into the book. My favorite creator, Ryoko Ikeda, author of The Rose of Versailles, has been a big influence on my work. I also like creators like Minako Narita. I wish classic manga was more popular! I’m not as into current shojo trends, but I did do a shojo style manga project for Sweet Sixteen magazine about ten years ago.


I don’t know when I might get back to working in this sort of style again, but I’d like to try a slightly different look and give it another go. But that may be years in future!

Thanks for your kind letter, I truly appreciate it!

MANGAMAN! Starred reviews from The School Library Journal and Kirkus, and picked for the Young Adult Library Services Association’s list of Best Graphic Novels for 2012, this graphic novel written by best selling author Barry Lyga is a winner! A manga boy falls through a rift in reality to the real world. Chaos and love follow.

Published by Houghton Mifflin, with New York Book Show Award-winning production and design, this is a handsome, minty fresh hardcover with dustjacket. 120 pages.