A few days ago, I posted some nice pics of a newborn fawn I found in my garden. These are really great close up pics, as I wasn’t more than a foot or so away. I had no idea he was there – I just went out to water the basil and there he was squashing the chives!

His mom kept him hidden for a couple of weeks, but we spotted him yesterday in the orchard gamboling about so fast I could barely snap a shot! Here he is pausing by the stream.


It really is a delight to watch the little bugger. Wish I had a movie camera!

The adults look tired next to the rambunctious tot, as adults do. The fawn goosed one of the grownups and set off a minor stampede.


We see them every day, but they’ve been quite a challenge to live with, as my garden is lunch for them. I am not having as many problems this year, but last year they were so voracious they pretty much wiped me out. Hundreds of hours of labor completely destroyed.

There weren’t many acorns last year, so the deer didn’t have much to eat. This sort of thing happens every few years. A year without acorns, and we all know what’s coming.

This year it better, but I haven’t planted most of my garden. I’m hoping to get the deer out of the habit of grazing there. I have no more than a dozen food plants, and I’ve covered some beds with black plastic to solarize the soil. Just going to let it all sit for awhile.