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A couple of people have asked why I can’t get A DISTANT SOIL at my authors discount any more. I’ve been able to offer them at sale prices, but I can’t do that for the forseeable future.

Well, I will be able to when the books are completely in the black on printer costs, but as of this moment, they are not. Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. We did fairly substantial print runs, and the books are up-front cost heavy. Our sales are respectable, but we do need to get them up. I’m taking a short hiatus again to make some moolah. While I expect Volumes I and II to be in the black sooner rather than later, by then we’ll be producing Volumes III and IV. Ow.

You can get A DISTANT SOIL by ordering from your local comic shop, or from online stores at prices lower than you can get them from me. Of course, if you order from me, I can sign them.

Needless to say, these are the new, digitally restored editions, and everyone who has one has been blown away by the quality of the tones, the printing, all aspects of production. It is a substantial improvement over prior editions, and has new art and story as well.

I will only have a few copies at Connecticut Comic Con, and those were provided via a bookstore. I completely ran out of my author copies during my sale this past month, and had to reorder quickly via a book store, which meant you got them at my cost! There is solid demand for A DISTANT SOIL. I was able to sell almost 400 copies all by my lonesome through my online shop. FOUR HUNDRED. The last of the mail orders from the sale have just gone out.

But we need to get retailers to order the book, and if we don’t, then it is groovy when you order online, either through me or via the many online bookstores that carry it. Ask your local library to get it.

If you want to support your favorite cartoonist (or, you know, me,) be sure to leave online reviews at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Share your thoughts on social media. Let people know you support A DISTANT SOIL.

Here is my bookshop if you want to order from me. Cover price only, but that’s pretty decent when it comes signed and with a print!