So, about ten years ago, I was Artist in Residence at the Smithsonian, which was groovy cool. I also won a government grant to travel across the country and study American popular culture. And I worked as a lobbyist off and on for a couple of years, so I’ve spent some time doing neat stuff in Washington, DC.

That meant getting to go into the secret bowels of the Library of Congress and Smithsonian Archives. I got to take the Super Secret Senate Choo Choo train. All of this is way underground in the big city beneath the city. This was very exciting, and a real privilege to be able to see these wonderful things.

In the Library of Congress Archives, there are these huge bays
behind great big bank doors. And on the moveable shelves, there are grey archival boxes, stacked several high, and in each box there are treasures.

Page after page of rare drawings, set in leaves of tissue paper.

And I dreamed I was going through a box full of Thomas Nast originals.

And that I projectile vomited on them.

That is the kind of nightmare cartoonists have.

Here, have a picture of the Super Secret Senate Choo Choo. It was totally E Ticket!


And my Senate Pass.