There’s a great article up at Bleeding Cool about the upcoming ELECTRICOMICS project which will bring you work by Alan Moore, Nicola Scott, John Reppion and me.

I freely admit this is one of the most technically challenging pieces I’ve ever done, and I had a good cry (more than once) worrying I wasn’t up to it. I’m not only tasked with stepping up to Mucha and McCay standards, but doing some funky things with it. There are no higher draughtsman idols, and I worship at their altar.


One correction: the antique art supplies I am using are actually from Marie Severin, not my grandfather. And some are from Frank Kelly Freas. I think my enthusing about Kelly might have been mistaken for grandfatherly love. Which it is.

This cigar box full of pen points once belonged to Marie Severin.

If the images don’t show, click the grey box.


This set of tools also belonged to Marie.


My pen points I acquired at an estate auction. The shiny gold ones are just that: gold plated nibs. All of these nibs are over 100 years old.


This art nouveau era inkwell is a recent acquisition, and I use it every day.


I’ve got another week to finish this job, and it is pretty hard, so back to work.