This will be good news for those of you waiting on commissions, bad news for those of you who want one.

I’m getting down to the task of organizing and archiving my original art, and the realization that several commissions have been put on the back burner so long I actually lost a major piece somewhere in here has finally made me face the music: I will not be able to accept any private commissions in 2015.

I have several major pieces on my plate, and they are all running late. One of them I even started at the wrong size, and have to begin again. When I make these kinds of mistakes, it means I’m over my head and need to cut back. I tallied what I have left to do, went kind of pale and realized catching up, together with my current tight work schedule for my publishers (all five of them,) eats up all of next year.

I will be doing several conventions next year but will not take any commissions at shows. All work I will be doing at shows will be work that is already scheduled.

I’m really sorry, I know some of you were hoping to get an original piece from me, but I won’t be able to until 2016.

I will be able to sell art at shows, and sketches from my collection will be available. I will make original art available by mail order again in the spring. I’ll also be able to sell some books. But right now…I’m not exactly in trouble, but could get there if I’m not careful.

Anyway, as you all know, my commissions are worth waiting for. And as I complete them I will post them here.

There will also be some major announcements about my current publishing work as I near completion. Until then, I am going to continue to try to be careful about my time management and be good about saying “no”.

Here is one of my commissions. A nice piece of Sandman and Thessaly in pencil. Isn’t it pretty?sandman-8-12