I got a note today, outlining a lot of personal issues I’ve been asked to edit out, about trans content in “A Game of You” storyline in SANDMAN (I drew one issue of the storyline). The ASK outlined what they believe to be transphobic content in the story.

I can’t really speak to the concerns of the trans community. Until recently, I wasn’t even aware of many of these issues, and don’t think I’m the person to discuss them.

I think there’s a difference between being phobic (fearful or hateful) vs ignorant or uninformed. I think it’s a mistake to assume malice where this story is concerned. But since I am not the focus of the issue, maybe I’m not as sensitive to it as I should be.

What I know of Neil Gaiman is I don’t think he has a phobic bone in his body. I think there’s a tendency to assume that when someone of Neil’s stature makes a public comment, that comment has a great deal of weight. And if it’s a viewpoint you like, he’s an angel. If it’s a viewpoint you don’t like, he’s a devil.

He’s human.

I don’t believe I am phobic either, but then, I have said some boneheaded things in the past out of ignorance.

I don’t think “A Game of You” is transphobic. It was written over 20 years ago, and I’ve met many fans who said they felt it meant a lot to them.

But if it is problematic to you, you have the right to your opinion, and the right to express that opinion as you see fit. All I can do is try to learn from what you say to me, weigh it with what others have said, and encourage people to seek resources to learn more about these issues.

I admit I find some of the talk about the matter confusing, because I read different things from different sources, and trans friends have given me differing opinions. But one person’s opinion does not represent an entire group.

All I can do is try to do right when I can.

That’s all.