Give yourself a gift this Christmas: TIME.

That blog that pisses you off every time. That website that never really does anything for you, but it does make you watch it like a train wreck.

It’s bad for you. You cannot stop.

Download a time/attention management app today!

I blocked several industry blogs some time ago, and block others periodically just because they take up too much time or annoy me. I never comment on blogs anymore, and that has been a very good decision. If I have something to say, I can say it here.

Anyway, pick a bad internet habit and cast it out!

Of course, I know for some of you that means Facebook…I keep mine on a timer. But I’ll miss you if you decide to go.

I use Leechblock, Self Control, and Freedom. Most industry websites with the exception of ComicBookResources and ComicsReporter are completely blocked 23.75 hours per day. I cannot spend more than a minute on them, and can’t get to some of them at all.

Check out this article with links to helpful apps.