The hardcover edition of the graphic novel adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which I drew for the long-defunct Disney Comics. I bought this at the Books Kinokuniya store in Tokyo, and Takayuki Matsutani, president of Tezuka Productions, bought one for his daughter as well, since she was a Disney fan.


In this picture, Jeff Smith, creator of BONE and RASL, and his wife/manager Vijaya Iyer and me (in the hat) pose in front of the Tezuka Productions entrance.


Here is Takayuki Matsutani of Tezuka Productions, Fred Schodt, author of MANGA! MANGA! The world of Japanese Comics, Oscar and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Jules Feiffer, Cartoonist Denys Cowan, and Jeff Smith at the Shueisha publishing offices.


In the final photo, we pose at The Golden Temple with a really wonderful Japanese comic strip artist who was absolutely delightful and funny, and I am deeply embarrassed to say that all these years later, his name escapes me. But he was super cute.