Here is a picture of my garden in progress. I did not intend to plant the whole area, but I’ve been working at it for about an hour a day for months now, and ended up planting all but two boxes so far. I’m going to put in sunflowers and cucumbers in the last boxes when I’m finished with them.

It will be much easier to maintain this year as I am not planting too many vegetables. I don’t have time to work vegetables this year. I’ve added flowers and perennials instead. A snow plow took out most of the lavender plants I put in to line the driveway, so I gave up planting along the drive and have put them in these raised beds.

The only veggies I have this year: lettuce, cabbage, onions, garlic, leeks, cucumbers, tomatoes. There are many types of herbs, and since herbs are easy to care for and often grow back year after year, I love having them around. I also have goji berry and rhubarb, as they are perennials too. Asparagus is also a perennial and I just planted some. I really hope it takes off!

One of the delights of this area is the long seasons. We have a proper spring, summer, fall and winter. However, this winter was very hard and I lost many plants, including a goodly number of my roses, some of the heather, and rosemary. I won’t be replanting the roses as between the harsh weather, hungry deer and rose rosette virus, they are too hard to maintain. I’ll keep the few that seem strong enough to stand it out here.

While we have about 30 acres, this garden is only 120 feet long.