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Am I the only one who remembers this movie? Rock-N-Roll Nightmare aka Edge of Hell. One of the worst films ever made, and so funny I nearly peed laughing at it.

Here, star Jon-Mikl Thor appears as Triton. This dude used to travel to conventions playing up his…um…resemblance to Thor.

The film features an epic climactic battle between a chicken-legged Satan, Aquaman-style demon starfish throwing darts, and drooling squeaky hand puppets. It’s the Best Bad Movie Ever.

I swear there is actually a demon-possessed roast chicken in case you get hungry. The chicken tries to bite someone as they reach in the fridge to get a coke. Because the denizens of hell are attracted to poultry. And the mouth of horror appears in the chicken’s ass. I guess no one thought to stuff that.

Sorry for the spoiler.

I’ve never understood demon logic. If you can animate a roast chicken, why don’t you just stop someone’s heart and drag their carcass to hell?

If you can get past the interminable opening sequence of squeaky violin music and the view out the windshield of a car, you are in for a uniquely awful treat.