As many of my readers know, I’ve been working double shifts for months to complete the Stan Lee graphic novel memoir. The colorists just turned in the final pages.

This project had an incredibly tight deadline, and I could not have done it without Allan Harvey, who not only did the lettering, but the bulk of the continuity edits, and trafficking. Bill Farmer did most of the color, but Val Trullinger stepped in at the last minute to hurry things along and do some really terrific splash pages and important technical work.

I worked up to 112 hours a week on this. I don’t want to be doing that again any time soon, but it was worth it. The book is in the can. I don’t think I’ll be complaining about 50-60 hour work weeks again any time soon, either. I was really flattened by this schedule. I’ve worked 100 hour weeks before, but not for months at a time. It really gets to you. I think I’ll be awhile recovering from this!

The art is a lot cartoonier than my normal work, fun and speedy. I hope you like it.

It’s back to finishing the Neil Gaiman graphic novel and moving on to other projects. I’m booked full on for some time, and discussing what to do in future as well. Lots of announcements coming, and now, with more time to work on A DISTANT SOIL again.

I apologize for the radio silence and the late shipping on posters and books. I have not left the house in weeks. Today, I am going to see a movie. Then, back to work.

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Stan The Man Page 4 letters_CMYK_rev - colleenStan The Man Page 5 letters_CMYK_rev - colleen