This may be disturbing to some readers.

This is a portrait of writers Andy and Jody Offutt. I drew this for a convention program book when I was a kid. 17 years old.


It was common for me to be asked to make pictures and portraits for convention program books, but I rarely knew anything about the people I was drawing and almost never read their work. I recall the Offutts were fixtures on the 1970’s-1980’s convention scene.

I found this original art during last week’s epic office clean.

What I did not know at the time was that Andrew Offutt, known to most of his audience as a science fiction writer, was a prolific pornographer. He also had aspirations to work in comics.

This article in The New York Times, published in February of this year, goes into detail about Mr Offutt. his history as a pornographer, and his disturbing fantasies about raping and killing women.

“My father often told me that if not for pornography, he’d have become a serial killer. On two occasions he described the same story: One night in college he resolved to kill a woman, any woman. He carried a butcher knife beneath his coat and stalked the campus, seeking a target. It rained all night, and the only person walking around was him. He went home, soaked, miserable and alone, regretting the action. He began drawing a comic about stalking a woman.”

You may imagine how creeped out I was when I read this, knowing that years ago as a kid, I’d drawn this guy’s portrait. I met him several times, but he seemed pretty average.

The article is well-written, and I have compassion for Mr Offutts’s family, but the content may be disturbing to some readers.