Today I am making spaghetti sauce with what looks like will be the last major haul of heirloom tomatoes from the garden.


The green tomatoes are green zebra, which are green even when ripe. This sauce will get no darker than a pale orange because of the colors of the tomatoes, but will taste just as rich as a deep red sauce.

The large ugly tomato is a Cherokee Purple, and the orange is Mr Stripey. The small tomatoes are mystery tomatoes that hybridized and popped up from plants that reseeded on their own. They’re doing pretty well!

Heirloom tomatoes are often misshapen and full of flaws. People who are used to grocery tomatoes are afraid to eat them, but they have far better flavor than produce bred for grocery stores.

I also grew the basil, both purple and green, and the oregano. Purple basil is a wonderful plant, very easy to grow and is so beautiful. It smells wonderful and has lovely flowers, but you rarely see it in stores. If you haven’t tried to grow it, you should. You just keep clipping what you need for cooking, and it keeps growing back.

My garden is kind of a mess right now because my work schedule is so heavy I didn’t have time to tend it properly for a couple of months. But I am going to hire someone to come in to help me get things in order.

Even so, the yields were very good this year, even better than the last two years, because my garden preparation was better and the deer stayed out of everything. You just never know what nature will do for you!