Fortunately, I’ve never needed them.

But many cartoonists do.

This job comes with no security, or benefits of any kind. And if you can’t keep working, and don’t have enough royalties or savings, you can quickly be wiped out. Most creators are only about 60-90 days from bankruptcy.

One of my all-time favorite inkers, Bob Wiacek, has a GoFUNDME campaign up right now to help him recover from the devastating financial losses he sustained when his wife became severely ill and passed away. Bob and his wife were uninsured.

THE HERO INITIATIVE is the only charity for comic book creators. It has distributed $750,000 to artists and writers in need.
This is a wonderful story about the good work they do.

You’d be surprised how many big name creators have had to turn to THE HERO INITIATIVE for aid.

The creative team on AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE STAN LEE donated a portion of the advance from the book to THE HERO INITIATIVE. I hope we’ll be able to continue to contribute.

If you care about the people who bring you the stories you love and can help out, please go to THE HERO INITIATIVE website and contribute what you can, or make a purchase, with all proceeds going to the benefit of THE HERO INITIATIVE.