ELECTRICOMICS is 100% FREE, publicly funded, open source code you can use to create your own, original digital comics works. The initial release also features original stories.


Those comics included “Red Horse” by Garth Ennis and Frank Victoria, “Sway”, by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Nicola Scott, “Cabaret Amygdala Presents: ‘Second Sight’” by Peter Hogan and Paul Davidson, and “Big Nemo” by Alan Moore and Colleen Doran.

Interview with links to the code as well as explanation of how to use it HERE!

Alan Moore on BIG NEMO, the project we did together. Naturally, I am going to highlight the wonderful things he said about my work. Because you would, too.

And in any possible future outings, what I would want to do would be to continue the story, and frankly that is aided immensely by having the sublime Colleen Doran on the artwork. We had no idea who would be drawing this when I wrote the script. I think Jose Villarubia suggested her name, and I’d been a fan of her work since A Distant Soil. The job that she’s done on “Big Nemo” is absolutely stunning. That rollercoaster, I believe that did almost drive her mad.

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