EDIT: I go into details about time investment in the comments below.


Dear Colleen,

I bookmarked many posts on your site for information about self publishing and contracts, but when I came back to read the posts later everything was gone. Now I get page after page of broken links and comments without posts. Did you know that most of your website is completely broken?


Dear Kelly,

I stopped blogging regularly almost two years ago. While I think it served a purpose at the time, now it is holding me back as an artist. Between social media and blogging, I am investing hours every week into activism that is costing me on a personal and professional level, and I am no longer willing to pay the price. When I started blogging, there weren’t very many websites that covered the same things I was writing about. Now there are, and you have many other resources to choose from.

As for where the posts went, I loaded a blog security update that broke the site. The home page looked fine, and I didn’t look any further. So, when the site backups updated, they updated to a broken version of the site. This included both the blog and the comic inventory portions of the site.

Many of my old posts were locked into a system that required each post be reformatted and imported one at a time. I don’t have the resources to do that.

You will find that some of the material has been restored, but I will not make further efforts and am letting the rest go.

It’s for the best.

I’ve written of how expensive it is to work on my A DISTANT SOIL comic, and how I can’t carve out the time for it among all my other assignments. But after giving everything a really hard look, I come to the conclusion that if I’d invested just a fraction of the hours I’ve put into blogging over the years, I’d be completely finished with A DISTANT SOIL by now, and it wouldn’t have cost me a penny out of pocket to do that.

There are 24 hours in the day, and if only 1 hour per day goes into blogging (and I used to blog daily,) then that is an hour I’m not drawing and writing stories. I’ve had a blog and/or message board for 15 years. Even half of that investment would have finished A DISTANT SOIL by now. A brutally realistic estimate shows me that my blogging and social media use is the time investment equivalent of three 200 page graphic novels.

I’d rather make the graphic novels.

Since 2010, my online presence has been great for sales and visibility, but that is something that must be carefully balanced with the art.

For several years, when I was unwell and spending a lot of time in bed propped up on my pillows with a laptop, blogging was the easy alternative to drawing. But making comics is far more labor intensive than blogging. As I am getting more and more publishing work, and believe my best work is yet to come, I can’t justify blogging anymore. It is time-consuming, and it is often stressful as well as ephemeral.

I don’t think I realized just how anxious and stressed online activity made me until recently. I am making the choice to self care, and spend less time engaging with things that don’t promote my well-being and the well-being of my art.

Of course, I am posting on my blog to announce this, and I do intend to update periodically. I’m more than happy to post art on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. But I will no longer engage in activism of any kind, and will no longer blog about professional issues in publishing and fandom (my own business being the notable exception, of course).

I will continue to restore the A DISTANT SOIL comics pages to the website as time permits. Since I won’t be blogging regularly anymore, there will be more time to do that.

Thank you for your kind understanding, and I am truly flattered that you considered my postings helpful in the past. I am moving on, and I hope that your future will be filled with the great art and writing you will do.

Family. Friends. Art.

Nothing Else.

My mantra.