I’m filling in for fan favorite artist Howard Porter on JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 #6!


I’m doing pencils and inks on my first superhero comic interior work in years, so be sure to ask your comic shop to reserve a copy for you!


Also, don’t forget to watch out for AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE STAN LEE, in stores November 3, written by Stan Lee and Peter David, with drawings by me and colors by Bill Farmer, Val Trullinger, and Jose Villarubia. technical assistance, production, comic art restoration and lettering by Allan Harvey. Background art assistance by Rantz Hoseley.

Kirkus reviews writes “(Stan Lee) Along with co-writer David (Artful: A Novel, 2014, etc.) and artist Doran (The Vampire Diaries, 2014, etc.)—whose detailed linework is superb—Lee recounts his hardscrabble youth in Manhattan; his entry into a nascent comic-book industry.”

You can preorder from me and get it SIGNED, but I can’t get it signed by Stan for you. Sorry. Remember, this won’t ship until OCTOBER. I am not offering it for sale overseas yet, because I won’t know how much it costs to ship until I know how much the book weighs. So this is for US PREORDERS ONLY. Every preorder comes with signed extras from me. And I have already been asked about original art. I can’t offer any at this time, but yes, there will be arting.

I’ll be at AMAZING COMIC CON with PETER DAVID for my final con appearance this year in Oklahoma City with Rob Liefeld creator of Deadpool, and Kevin Eastmen, creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!