A very nice review of AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE STAN LEE from Starburst Magazine! 10 of 10 stars! Alas, they forgot to mention co-writer Peter David.

When you read the book, you can imagine Stan Lee reading those words out loud, making it feel as if you are spending a day with him. It’s very charming, witty, exciting, yet very honest and heartfelt with the more serious personal moments adding real emotional impact. The artwork really brings those words to life and Colleen Doran’s art is simply sublime, really embodying the classic timeless feel of ‘60s Marvel Comics. The fact that the memoir is done in the style of a graphic novel makes it very accessible for a mainstream audience, and Doran’s artwork makes you all that more invested in Lee’s story.

Quite nice to wake up early and see that today!

I tell people the most important thing in my studio is my electric teapot. They think I’m kidding.


I got it on Amazon awhile back and it is swell.

I’m at the computer painting the Neil Gaiman graphic novel I’ve been working on for ages, and will finish this month.

No, for real.

My computer space is still in the studio area where my drawing board is, but take a last look, next year I’m moving it into the library, which is in the next room. I goof off too much on the net, and I’m hoping not having the computer so close to the drawing board will cut down on some bad habits. Alas for those times when I am doing a lot of digital work, like now.

Anyway, I am thinking of replacing this clutter with a nice electric fireplace.


As much as I appreciate the results from painting digitally, it’s still not as much fun as doing analog art. It was a lot easier to learn digital painting than it was to learn painting by hand though, that’s for sure.

I’m not spending nearly as much time online now. Cutting blogging, cutting reading most of the industry blogs and interacting with that community has been a huge stress reliever. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. While I appreciate the work they do, it’s not something I need to be involved in or seeing. And there is so much conflict of interest with some of these people, that it makes the whole environment toxic.

So, not for me.

I still read ComicsReporter, Robot6 at ComicBookResources and Newsarama, as well as some of the SF/Fantasy media websites, but everything else is either blocked or on a 5 minute timer.

Comics is the only entertainment arena where a bunch of people, many of whom can barely make rent, are made into celebrities, and subjected to the same bizarre and often inappropriate scrutiny as an actor.

Enough of that!

Over here in my studio window, I’m forcing some amaryllis and narcissus bulbs for the holidays.


And back to work.